Sometime in 1995, I decided to reward myself with a sports car. While looking hard at some C4s that were on the lot, I was informed that the C5 would
be coming off the Bowling Green assembly line and I should wait and get one when they become available.

I took that advise and put a down payment on a C5 at a dealership in Southern California. My Arctic White1997 C5, six speed was delivered to me late 1997. It was one of the first C5s to be delivered to California and was a traffic stopper.

Wherever I went. Today my C5 is approaching the 200,000 mile mark on it’s odometer. For 27 years now my C5 has put a smile on my face. This car has set the bar for me on what a car should be! It is still a pleasure to drive and continues to put a smile on my face as I shift through the gears.

Recently I added this 2022 C8.R to my Corvette lineup! Lucky me!